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Inspiration and Developing Final Project 

1 June


My initial reaction to the Ring Cycle, is to work from the strong connection to nature that is present throughout the piece. I picture an abstract set that uses natural elements and forms, without being naturalistic.

5 June

Circular forms

I've been looking into circular forms, and also how they appear in nature. Also twisted perspective, and man's impact on nature.

15 June


I spent a week travelling in Iceland, and got really inspired by the nature, especially by colours and different textures. 

1 July

A quarry

I have been struggling for a while where to take my design, knowing that I want to keep the trong connection to nature, and the natural resources present, but still show the effect men can have on it. I had a good converstaion about it with Michael, and he gave me the idea of designing my set as a quarry - which does in fact combine all these elements I have been looking into. 

25 July

Developing the model box

I find it very useful to use Photoshop to try out some ideas before making a model. 

Sketch models and developing of the model box. 

Reference images.

Costume inspiration. 

Props inspiration.

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