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16 February

Vectorworks with Mauricio Elorriaga


We have had a few sessions with theatre designer Mauricio Elorriaga on the program Vectorworks which is a great program for technical drawing for theatre. I am slowly learning how to use it, but still need to practice more to be able to use it the way I would like.



9 March

Model making materials


We had a class with Michael today on basic materials and methods for model making where he showed us samples of materials and glues that he finds useful. He also told us about a company, Shapeways, that does 3D printing, where you can buy all kinds of useful tings for model making, such as furniture and scale figures.



19 March

Theatre and Performance collections at the V&A


Today I went to the V&A museum and spent a good time examining the theatre and performance collections. The collections are a great resource that document current practice and the history of all areas of performing arts in the UK, including drama, dance, opera, circus, puppetry, comedy, musical theatre, costume, set design, pantomime and more. There was also a temporary exhibition going on, Curtain Up: Celebrating 40 Years of Theatre in London and New York.


It was interesting seeing how theatre design has developed through the years. But what I found most useful for me at the moment, was seeing the detailed model boxes that were on display both at the theatre and performance collections and the architecture collections. It is very helpful seeing how materials are used and to figure out what techniques work best for what kind of model making you are doing each time.


17 April

Practising Model-Making


During this unit I have been trying to improve my model-making skills. It is unbelievable how much things become easier when you know better which materials and methods to use, using the right materials makes all the difference. For me, it was for example, a total revolution to use the Zip Kicker spray. Also the obeche wood, which I find much easier to work with than balsa wood.


I have found David Neat’s Model making book very useful and also his website, which is packed with useful information and tips. The 4D modelshop is amazing for model making materials, and they also have a great website where you can all kinds of information, like which glues to use with different materials. Sometimes it is also great to be able to save time and buy things like furniture and scale figures, which are essential.

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