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Bodies in space

“The body of the performer in space draws together all elements of scenographic practice. “Bodies in space” impiles not only the relations between bodies on stage but also between the stage and the audience. However, just as close analysis reveals that “space is never empty”, our readings of the body are complex and multi-layered (Theatre and performance design 2010 p. 231).

We have had four very interesting sessions with Sophie Jump where we have been working with the idea of bodies in space and different ways to approach our work. We have done some interesting exercises like what she calls “authentic movement” where you explore your surroundings with your eyes closed having someone support you as a witness, and then do 5 minutes of automatic writing afterwards, exercises where we drew our response after listening to music and making installations with a scale figure and items we had brought with us and had a history to them. We also worked on costumes and movement and explored how costumes can work as an extension to the body and made some costumes out of newspaper.

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