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MA Theatre Design

In this blog I will outline the rationale and development of my studies in MA Theatre Design at Wimbledon College of Art. I will talk about my approach to theory and practice, my inspiration, research and studio work.

My overall aims for this course are to develop further my designing skills, especially my drawing- and model-making skills in order to express my ideas as clear as possible. I hope to get the opportunity to also get training in model-making techniques as well as computer aided design, using programs like Vectorworks.

When it comes to theatre, I have a wide range of interests. As a researcher I am interested in the audience/performer relationship, especially within site-specific and immersive theatre using unusual spaces where more senses are activated then just listening and watching. I am interested in bringing the theatre closer to the audience, and playing with the concept of the audience’s role in the theatre.

I am also interested in theatre for children and like to explore uses of puppetry within devised performance. Currently I am working on the development of a puppet play, which I would like to develop further in Unit 2.

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