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Where to start? How to present my ideas?

It can be very intimidating to have a script in your hands and an empty piece of paper in front of you. Where do I start when designing for theatre? How do I communicate my ideas? On Wednesday and Thursday last week we had two sessions with Sophie Charalambous. where she gave us some good advice on how to start when you feel like you have nothing in your head. We did a little practice where we were supposed to pick two scenes from the play and think about the transaction. Sometimes it can be good just to start drawing or writing automatically, before doing too much research. These drawings can show the colours or atmosphere that you are looking for. Next step would be doing research, making simple storyboards, mapping transitions, entrances and exits, props and practical stuff.

My first response to the play was that I imagined the play being set in a really big theatre, with a revolving stage. I imagined Peer standing on top of a mountain made of all kinds of things that belong to a person during its lifetime. These things would serve as props for the play and different scene changes would be represented by moving the things around and with light changes. I made two drawings that were supposed to represent Peer wandering in the mountains after being outlawed, and then the troll ladies dancing around him in next scene.

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