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Today we had a theatre design masterclass with Kerry Bradley where she spoke about basic techniques and ways to design for theatre. We also did some practical excercises. The masterclass was very helpful and iluminating. The only thing is that it really should have been held in the first week of the course. In that way it could have saved a lot of confusion in the class, especially because people have really different backgrounds and different experience of theatre design.

I also had a short tutorial with Kerry where I showed her my work so far on my individual project. She gave really good advice, and I also realized that I had been making things way too complicated. The fact that I had not yet found a venue for the performance also lead to my decision to save the site-specific project proposal for a better time, and instead move my performance into the Wimbledon College of Art theatre as I have access to the space every day, and develop further the scene that I had already worked the most on.

My approach to the play will be to focus on Peer’s search for his identity by breaking down the script and imagine it re-written as a monologue. The audience should get an insight into Peer’s mind where Peer Gynt is a storyteller who speaks direct to the audience and tells the story of his life.

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