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Practical skills for theatre designers

In these first five weeks of our course we have had some workshops and inductions on different practical skills. We had one session on production drafting with Eddie Andres, model making and Vectorworks sessions with Mauricio Elorriaga and Sophie Charalambous, Wordpress induction with Mariana Fantich, one day induction on theatre health and safety, one day AV store induction, library induction and two day metal- and wood workshop inductions.

I know that it is certainly important to attend these inductions, but in my opinion they would not have had to take so much tame compared to the practical skills sessions. In my opinion we really need to practise technical drawing and model making, and it would also have been much more effective to have more consistent projects with the same tutor all the time and connect them to our individual projects.

Here are some useful websites on model making:

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