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Linbury Prize portfolio review

Today I attended a Portfolio advisory day at the National Theatre. This event was aimed at stage design final year students, interested in designing for theatre, dance and opera, who are eligible to apply for the Linbury Prize for Stage Design 2017. The purpose of this portfolio review was to guide and encourage the participants’ development as artists and to offer information about how best to present your work.

I brought in my portfolio and got the opportunity to show it to the theatre designers Stephen Brimson Lewis and Rae Smith, and get their advice on the strengths and weaknesses they saw in the presentation of my work. It was really interesting and helpful getting hearing their opinion on how I presented my work. At the moment, my portfolio mainly contains photographs of finished work, but they both advised me to show better how I work as a designer and add evidence of the process to the finished work. I want to keep working on my portfolio along with my studies, and aim to apply for the Linbury Prize for Stage Design in 2017.

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