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The Royal Opera House


24 May

The Rheingold in the Royal Opera House

I have chosen to use The Royal Opera House at Covent Garden as my venue for my final project, which is a design proposal for the opera the Rheingold by Richard Wagner. 

Initially I was thinking about using an unconventional space, even an outdoors venue like Kerid which is a volcanic crater lake located in the Grímsnes area in south Iceland. But after a lot of consideration and speculations, I decided to choose an actual theatre. In that way I believe my project will be more realistic, which is what I am aiming for.  


The Royal Opera House has a very Youtube channel with a lot of interesting videos and interviews. For example a timelapse of the set change from afternoon rehearsals to the evening performance, and and interview with Es Devlin about her design for Les Troyens. 

1 June

A visit to the Royal Opera House

Today I had a visit to the Royal Opera house where Colin Maxwell, the production manager at the Opera House showed me and Livia around the theatre. It was a great visit, and we got the opportunity to see set changes on the stage, we saw the backstage facilities and then got plans of the stage to use to build our modelboxes.

1 July

Building a Model Box

I have finished building my modelbox of the Opera House. I decided to build it on the scale 1:25, which means it is huge, with a base of 115x115 cm. To make it stronger, I decided to build it out of wood rather than foamboard or cardboard.

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